Saint-Georges clbre la fte nationale malgr la COVID-19

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[269] Another scheme, with similar aims, but much more practicable, was at this very time before the court. Count Pe?alossa, a Spanish Creole, born in Peru, had been governor of New Mexico, where he fell into a dispute with the Inquisition, which involved him in the loss of property, and for a time of liberty. Failing to obtain redress in Spain, he renounced his allegiance in disgust, and sought refuge in France, where, in 1682, he first proposed to the King the establishment of a colony of French buccaneers at the mouth of Rio Bravo, on the Gulf of Mexico. In January, 1684, after the war had broken out, he proposed to attack the Spanish town of Panuco, with twelve hundred buccaneers from St. Domingo; then march into the interior, seize the mines, conquer Durango, and occupy New Mexico. It was proposed to combine his plan with that of La Salle; but the latter, who had an interview with him, expressed distrust, and showed characteristic reluctance to accept a colleague. It is extremely probable, however, that his knowledge of Pe?alossa's original proposal had some influence in stimulating him to lay before the court proposals of his own, equally attractive. Peace was concluded before the plans of the Spanish adventurer could be carried into effect.On Wednesday morning the sun rose bright on a scene of wintry splendor, and the frozen lake was dotted with Rigaud's retreating followers toiling towards Canada on snow-shoes. Before they reached it many of them were blinded for a while by the insufferable glare, and their comrades led them homewards by the hand. [471]Les 23 et 24 juin, la Ville de Saint-Georges a organis diverses activits pour clbrer la fte nationale du Qubec. Dfils, hommage patriotique, spectacles musicaux et feux dartifice taient lhoraire, et ce, dans le respect des mesures…

Une nouvelle instancede Qubec solidaire fonde  Saint-Georges

Une nouvelle instancede Qubec solidaire fonde Saint-Georges

XVIII. 102.Une nouvelle association locale de Qubec solidaire (QS) ainsi qu'un comit de coordination ont t fonds Saint-Georges la fin de 2020. L'assemble de fondation s'est droule en mode virtuel et a runi une dizaine de membres en rgle en plus de douze futurs adhrents.

Les policiers aux aguets pendant les longs congs

Les policiers aux aguets pendant les longs congs

servir dinstruction au Sieur Talon, which corresponds very[3] Journal of the Expedition from Boston against Port Royal.Les policiers de la Sret du Qubec intensifieront leurs interventions sur le rseau routier du 23 juin au 4 juillet en prvision des nombreux dplacements loccasion des longs congs de la fte nationale du Qubec et de la fte du Canada. lapproche des festivits, les policiers…

La qualit des services ducatifs  lenfance passe par du personnel bien form

La qualit des services ducatifs lenfance passe par du personnel bien form

Dunstable was attacked by Indians in the autumn of 1724, and two men were carried off. Ten others went in pursuit, but fell into an ambush, and nearly all were killed, Josiah Farwell, Lovewell's brother-in-law, being, by some accounts, the only one who escaped.[274] Soon after this, a petition, styled a "Humble Memorial," was laid before the House of Representatives at Boston. It declares that in order "to kill and destroy their enemy Indians," the petitioners and forty or fifty others are ready to spend one whole year in hunting them, "provided they can meet with Encouragement suitable." The petition is signed by John Lovewell, Josiah Farwell, and Jonathan Robbins, all of Dunstable, Lovewell's name being well written, and the others after a cramped and unaccustomed fashion. The representatives accepted the proposal and voted to give each adventurer two shillings and sixpence a day,then equal in[Pg 259] Massachusetts currency to about one English shilling,out of which he was to maintain himself. The men were, in addition, promised large rewards for the scalps of male Indians old enough to fight. *** Il serait propos de leur augmenter les charges, deEn avril dernier, lObservatoire des tout-petits prsentait son portrait des politiques publiques au Qubec en petite enfance: Que faisons-nous pour nos tout-petits et leur famille au Qubec? La recherche souligne limportance de la formation du personnel pour amliorer la qualit des services…

Christian Marc Gendron de retour avec Piano Man 2

Christian Marc Gendron de retour avec Piano Man 2

These various maps, joined to contemporary documents, show that the Valley of the Mississippi received, at an early date, the several names of Manitoumie, Frontenacie, Colbertie, and La Louisiane. This last name, which it long retained, is due to La Salle. The first use of it which I have observed is in a conveyance of the Island of Belleisle made by him to his lieutenant, La Forest, in 1679.{sjtxt}Les Amants de la scne prsenteront le spectacle Piano Man2 le 1er octobre prochain compter de 20h la salle Alphonse-Desjardins de Cgep Beauce Beauce-Appalaches. Piano Man met en vedette Christian Marc Gendron. Accompagn de musiciens, il rendra hommage aux plus grands pianistes en interprtant…

Huit joueurs des Dragons passeront au niveau suprieur

Huit joueurs des Dragons passeront au niveau suprieur


{sjtxt}{sjtxt}Avec la fin de leur parcours au secondaire, huit joueurs des Dragons de la Polyvalente de Saint-Georges poursuivront leur parcours scolaire et de footballeur au niveau collgial.

Pas une de plus : le Havre l’claircie sensibilise la population  la violence conjugale

Pas une de plus : le Havre l’claircie sensibilise la population la violence conjugale

{sjtxt}{sjtxt}Le Havre lclaircie lance aujourdhui une campagne de sensibilisation pour les femmes victimes de violence conjugale en partenariat avec 12 restaurants de Saint-Georges. Jusquau 27 juin, les clients de ces restaurants remarqueront des sous-verres, portant linscription Pas une de plus,…